Coaching competence for agile managers

Module 1 

Learn basic coaching skills  and actively apply them e.g:

- Assessment of talents / strengths

- Technique of appreciative listening 

- Helpful questions as a tool

- Psychological concepts 1 (e.g. values, perception models) 

- Working on individual case studies

Module 2 

Coaching as a leadership style e.g:

- Models of leadership

- Difference between coach and leadership as coach and classic leadership 

- Individual motivation and appreciation 

 Psychological concepts 2 (e.g. working with personality traits, driver dynamics) 

- Working on individual case studies

Module 3 

 Coaching in conflict situations 

- Recognizing levels of conflict and resolving conflicts

- Psychological concepts 2 (e.g. communication models,)

- Working on individual case studies 

- Differentiating coaching from opportunities to exert influence 

Module 4 

 Manager as coach in teams e.g:

- Systemic principles

- Harnessing talents / strengths in teams

- Psychological concept  3 (e.g. needs model, beliefs, reframing) 

- Working on individual case studies

The subject of the training is not only taught in theory, but also applied in practice through self-reflection and working on individual case studies.




60 hours in direct contact with the trainers in groups of 6-8 participants


In addition to helpful tools, it is important for us to teach an inner attitude that is based on a humanistic view of man and pursues a holistic approach.


All you need to bring is a willingness to self-reflect and curiosity about other people.